"In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it."
- Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan  (via ladycube)

(Source: goodreads.com, via ladycube)

I honestly can’t seem to understand anything at all…I mean I use to think I knew what I was doing in life…and at point I had it all… And the funny part is that time when I thought I had it all it was because of you…but now that I don’t have you anymore…my life has gotten an oceans time better.., I got everything I originally needed and wanted and had in plan for my life before I met you but the thing is… You left me with something worse that everything you could have ever done… From your cheating, to your lying to putting all the guilt and blame on myself…you did the worse thing ever to me…and that was running…running away from home. From my fucking home. From the place for 19 years I was at peace with and it was sanctuary, but along with a piece of confusion and sanity lost… But honestly… Thank you thank you for reminding me there is a piece of a coward that still lingers inside of me. Thank you for doing everything you did because if it wasn’t for you doing all that I wouldn’t have remembered who I was and how I had such big plans for myself. And as I run thank you for putting fear of being in distance of you in my head because it’s taught me and has given me a motive to stay away from you. So thank you because those nights I cried and screamed at the walls for you, taught me an important lesson. I thought I needed you but you actually taught me the best lesson I could ever learn…it’s I deserve better, I’ve always deserve better then where I was at that time. But I do wish the best for you sincerely , I wish your dreams do happen, and nothing but happiness comes your way..but most importantly I FORGIVE YOU.